Paid Programs

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding can provide an array of benefits. Experiencing the motion of a horse can be very therapeutic. Horseback riding rhythmically moves the rider’s body in a manner similar to a human gait and warms up muscles, enabling riders with physical disabilities to show improvements in flexibility, balance and muscle strength. For individuals with cognitive, emotional, and developmental disabilities, therapeutic riding has been shown to provide benefits ranging from improved mental health and increased self-confidence to the development of trust, compassion, and patience.

Stroke Survivors

We have been partnering with physicians to help stroke survivors regain mobility and strength after enduring a stroke. Riding therapy is amazing for people who have bodily weakness on one side. The horse doesn’t differentiate between weak side/strong side; they work both sides equally without prejudice. The motion of the horse stimulates muscles throughout the body and imitates the human walk. Our stroke participants have seen major improvements! We also offer specialized private lessons in barrel racing, pole bending, jumping, vaulting and groundwork training.

Able-bodied and Adult Lessons

We offer lessons to individuals aged 4 and up! Our lessons range from beginner level riders to advanced riders. Participants learn basic – advanced riding skills and progress through the program at their own pace. We have all levels of horses to accommodate each rider. Lessons incorporate various skills such as: barrel racing, pole-bending, jumping, Western, English, groundwork and basic horsemanship. We also play games that strengthen these skills to keep our riders engaged and learning.

Lesson Pricing:

$360 ($30/hr) for a 12-week session — every week, 1 hr/week

(Part-time lessons every other week are available for $180. You may make monthly payments. Full-time lessons offer a $20 discount if paid upfront.)

Summer Camps

Summer camp is so much fun! We start our day with sunscreen, morning assignments and chores. Then we catch, groom, and tack up horses for a morning of riding in the arena and learning groundwork training. After that, we break for lunch and then go swimming for a bit! We finish off our day by grabbing our horses for trail riding, road rides, or whatever new adventure we desire! Camp runs for one week, Monday through Thursday, from 8-3.

You must be able to ride independently to sign up for summer camp. Pricing for one week of camp is $250.


Free Programs

Horses for Heroes

Healing Horses will now be offering special programming for our nation’s veterans and active duty military through an alternative rehabilitation program called Horses for Heroes. The program will focus on helping veterans and active duty military in coping with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and/or physical disabilities.

Foster Care Program

Currently, Healing Horses has a scholarship program for children in the foster care system to receive lessons. Kids learn grooming, tacking, groundwork, and riding skills. This program allows kids that have been through trauma learn to develop healing bonds with horses and staff. We have seen huge success with the kids that have been involved in the program.

Contact us to see if you or someone you know is eligible for any of these programs!